Black Belt Commandos security men are recruited based on their past achievements with uniform norms. Ensuring that our guards are smart, alert, honest and punctual, our people have been trained to lead a disciplined life. The Black Belt Commandos men are taught to discharge their duties under the most demanding conditions, be it the use of firefighting equipment, the need handle riots or even the administration of basic first aid.


To ensure efficient, effective and prompt service to our clients as per the commitment, we conduct frequent inspections at various levels: Unit In-charge, Field Officers, Managers and other Senior Executives. Besides a timely feedback system, client co-ordination meetings are also conducted at least fortnightly for a smooth functioning unit.


Four Wheelers equipped with wireless transmitters are forever on the move while a senior officer constantly inspects the units. When in times of crisis the client can contact our control room and in turn the control room flashes messages to the mobile squad for immediate action.


Our Control Room has hotline numbers with round the clock attendants. In addition, we have independent e-mail lines which take care of document communication. Further, all our senior staffs are equipped with mobile phones and personal email ids for easy access to the concerned executive around the clock.

This enables our clients to have continuous contact with us in regard to arising issues relating to our services. At any given point of time, information received from the client trickles down from General Managers to the field officers for appropriate actions to be initiated. The control room also acts as a bridge between our guarding force and the management, which avoids unnecessary visits of our guarding personnel to you.

You could also register your complaints and suggestions online and they will be backed up within 24 hours.


An In-house Training School has been set up to instruct training through both manual as well as visual media. This effectively educates our security personnel and updates them on the present scenario regarding security matters. Further, On-the-Job training is also imparted on the site at frequent intervals not only by field officers but by training teams too.

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